testimonial 5 | Joanne Spears

I was a passenger on a river cruise ship over this weekend after falling on the stairs in a restaurant in The Hague. I injured my back and it was painful to participate on the walking tours offered by the cruise.  The ship staff recommended the chiropractic services of Drs. Corthier in Antwerp.

I received a prompt appointment and was met by pleasant staff.  Dr. Ben Corthier was very professional and was careful in listening to my story of the injury and my symptoms.  He made several tests to ascertain where the problem was located.

He explained his assessment and what he was proposing to do to fix the problem in my back and neck.  He patiently explained how I could aid the healing following the appointment.

I have used chiropractic services in our home community of Bismarck, North Dakota in the United States to good effect for my back and walking. Dr. Ben Corthier provided comparable high services on this occasion.

I appreciate Dr. Corthier’s assistance.  I was able to enjoy the remainder of our trip without disabling pains and fully participate in the walking tours provided.

testimonial 6 | Willy Simon-Remaut Marguerite

Initially I was scared of chiropractic, but the Corthier chiropractors are highly professional. Even after the first consultation I knew I could trust and rely on the Corthier family. We are over 75 years of age and we have been suffering from back- and other arthritic problems for a long time, until we received care from Ben. A new world without pain has revealed itself to us. Unbelievable ! ! ! Even my hand which has caused me sleepless nights had become completely pain-free after several corrections. Such great results we had never expected. What a luxury! I wish we had decided earlier to have done little investment in our health ! ! ! At least now we can walk and cycle completely pain-free and we can sleep well again. Being over 75 this means much to us. We find that everyone should deserve it to have their bodies checked on a regular basis. Maintenance we apply to everything that surrounds us but our own spine and nervous system we forget or neglect far too often. Why we choose to walk around with a malfunctioning body remains a mystery to me.

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